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Stock Footage is from our Extensive Library Acquired while Producing over 30 Documentary and Pop Culture Films and Videos
The Entertainment Group

Stock Footage

We supply media producers with distinctive and affordable Stock Footage from our extensive Standard Definition library acquired while producing over 30 documentary and pop culture films and videos, including exclusive footage covering;

  • Route 66

  • the Trucking industry

  • Barges and Riverboats

  • Pipelines

  • Aircraft

  • Automobiles

  • Energy

  • Ecology

  • Railroad industry

We also have exclusive reenactment footage from;

  • The Civil War

  • Revolutionary War

  • Colonial America

  • Antebellum South periods

  • Pony Express & Oregon Trail reenactments

  • the 1880’s Cowboy Trail Drive era

Also included; purported pictures of real ghosts from our Hauntings series and selected scenes and clips from the classic television series of the 1950’s; The Loretta Young Show.

We also supply premium High-Definition clips to FootageBankHD, the premier supplier of large format and HD images worldwide to television, theatrical, mobile, independent, and corporate media buyers.

Railroad Industry

Revolutionary War

Oregon Trail

The Loretta Young Show


















There is a small research and transfer fee to access our stock footage library. Further information upon request!

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