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Production Services: Equipment/Crew Acquisition, Production Coordination, On-Location Production Assistance & Transportation
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Production Services

Production ServicesThe Entertainment Group, with it’s partners and associates, is a full service producer and distributor of broadcast television, cable and home entertainment programming covering a wide variety of subjects.

We personally produce film and video content, and therefore have the technical equipment and expertise to offer Production Services to select clients. We have the ability to execute most any production swiftly and efficiently.

We specialize in all phases of:

  • Budgeting and Budget Evaluation

  • Preproduction coordination & scheduling

  • Equipment and Crew acquisition

  • On-location production assistance & transportation

  • Post-production coordination & completion

The Entertainment GroupWe also supply our technical crews and total equipment packages for one-time-only, on-location film and video production, live news inserts, and on-camera interview acquisitions.

We also take assignments for “B roll” footage acquisition in both Hi-Definition (and regular definition) digital video formats.

We provide consulting services for producers and distributors of series television, home video and documentary videos.

We can also supply you with the forms and contracts needed to insure a smooth and trouble-free production.

And, we can help you create and distribute your own video production.

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