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Inspirational Stories: Stories about how Miracles Influence our Lives and Explore the Extraordinary Links Between Man & Animals.
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Inspirational Stories

These are inspirational programs for people who are intrigued by accounts of the mysterious, surprising and transforming effects of a power greater than our own...

There are informative stories about how miracles influence our lives and others that explore the extraordinary links between man and animals.

Inspirational programs available from The Entertainment Group include:

  • The Greatest Miracles on Earth Collection
    A new DVD collection of our three most popular shows about the power of miracles; Miracles of Faith, Miracles of Healing, and Miracles of Time and Space.

    For more information or to purchase the program contact us at:, of call Toll-Free at 877-337-2100.

  • The Psychic Connection
    Through the words and experiences of some of the best known animal communicators, you'll explore the amazing link between humans and the Animal World in this hour long documentary.

  • Red Steagall Presents: Cowboy, the Legend, the Legacy (PBS) Co-Prodced by The Entertainment Group and Red River Film Company, the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas, Red Steagall, hosts this inspiring music and poetry program featuring country music star Reba McEntire and Red's own band, the Boys in the Bunkhouse, in a dynamic musical hour exploring the history and legacy of the American cowboy.


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