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The Entertainment Group is continually developing and producing new series programming for both cable and broadcast television, and now the Internet. Our current projects include:

Eco=kidsEco=Kids and Eco=Kids Explore

Designed to cultivate tomorrow’s environmental leaders, Eco=Kids explore interesting and exciting new ways to inform youngsters of the most important issues facing the world today, pollution and climate change.

In each episode, Michael, Andrea, Katrina and Christian tackle the big problems head on, and outline the very latest solutions that could, quite possibly, help save our planet.





A series of documentary films made by students, for students, iGeneration takes a personal look at the lives of several young people of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds who all want to create change.

Our millennial generation has grown up in a 'modern' world, but how prepared are they for this new world?

iGeneration examines the personal lives of millennials who struggle to stand out in school and make it in the work force, people who want to fulfill their lives, inspire change and find answers to the questions that can be difficult to answer.


Homesteading U.

Homesteading UniversityHomesteading University - and HU Online - is an innovative and groundbreaking new project merging cable and satellite television, and the online media universe.

Look around. In increasing numbers urban Americans are abandoning the city, reaching back to their heritage, and moving to the country to live on small, family farms.

Eat HealthierHomesteading U is dedicated to those families, and all people who strive for a healthier, more independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.




We’re creating a community to exchange ideas, learn techniques and experiment -- a place to hone manual and intellectual skills and develop the character traits needed for a modern-day homesteader.

Homesteading Online

At Homesteading University and HU Online, you’ll be able to access the knowledge and skills of the survival arts, as taught by the very best, experienced craftsmen, farmers and gardeners… all well-qualified to share their knowledge and abilities.

Homesteading University

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