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Consulting Services: Story and Script Evaluation, Budgeting, Preproduction/Post-Production Coordination, Production Assistance
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Consulting Services

As a full service producer and distributor of broadcast television, cable, and home entertainment programming, The Entertainment Group, its partners and associates, provide consulting services for select producers and distributors of series television, home video and documentary videos.

Consulting ServicesOur breadth of understanding of the production process is second to none, and that puts us in a unique position to thoughtfully advise our clients on all aspects of creating visual media.

We specialize in:

  • Story and script evaluation

  • Budgeting

  • Preproduction coordination

  • Production assistance

  • Post-Production coordination

We can help you create and distribute your own entertainment production.

We can also supply you with the forms and contracts needed to insure a smooth and trouble-free production.

We can help you evaluate and refine your script.

Create a realistic budget based on the script content and your particular production situation.

Story and Script EvaluationWe can assist in locating crews and equipment to smoothly execute the production process.

We can also assist in the post-production phases as well; from editing and acquiring music and sound effects, to securing rights and permissions and gaining the proper Errors and Omissions clearances.

If you have a production you would like to successfully get off the ground, we can help!

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